How to set up Google Analytics Key

A simple way to know your visitors


When you have your website out there, you may be wondering who has been here, which gender they belongs to, how long they have been here for which content etc., Odoo has the built in Google Analytic function to help you know your visitors.

1. Find your google analytic key

Sign in to your Google Analytics account, and select the Admin tab. From the ACCOUNT and PROPERTY columns, select the property you’re working with. Click Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

It looks like UA-XXXXXXXX-Y

2. Setting Your Tracking ID in Odoo

Make sure you have Google Analytics (web_analytics) module installed, then go to Settings -> Configuration -> Website Settings and place your Tracking ID in Google Analytics Key field.

3. Checking if your Odoo website is correctly configured

Using Chrome or Firefox, Right click your home page and choose View Page Source, Press Ctrl+F to search the page source.

If you where able to locate your Tracking ID in the page source, then you have successfully configured Google Analytics in your website.

In a few hours, some data can be found on your dashboard.