Best Email for NGOs in New Zealand

Free Google Apps


How you are hosting email today…

  • Using FREE email accounts – (using gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, etc) – unprofessional?
  • Email is tied to your web hosting provider – unreliable?  too much spam?
  • Change your email settings when you switch website hosting – hassle?
  • Users are tied to using Outlook – support costs too high?

Google Apps is Better!

  • Supports custom email addresses like
  • Email hosting is no longer tied to web hosting
  • Never change your email settings again!
  • Free your users from Outlook and greatly reduce IT support costs

More Benefits of “Going Google”

  • Get free access to the Google Apps suite including Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive
  • Work better with colleagues through online collaboration
  • Store documents in the cloud: 30 GB of storage across Gmail and Google Drive
  • Stay connected from anywhere; securely access data anywhere
  • 24/7 support; no hardware, no updates
  • Google Apps for Non-profits is free for all members of Google for Non-profits

VizThoughts charges a one-time setup fee of $249, which includes:

  • Registration of your NGO with the Google Non-Profit program
  • Setup of your Google Apps account
  • Setup of up all user mailboxes and any aliases as desired
  • DNS configuration to move your email hosting to Google
  • We send you “Getting Started” documentation you can send to all users for training
  • Setup takes1-2 weeks depending on if you have registered with Tech Soup New Zealand already and you know your DNS Server info

Things you should have before filling out our form below:

  • A list of all email addresses (and names of the individuals) you will want setup
  • register an account with Tech Soup New Zealand, the regional arm of TechSoup Global
  • Your “Name Server” provider, username and password (probably the same as your Domain Registrar)

Our Guarantee

We guarantee we will get you accepted into the Google for NonProfits program and setup with Google Apps or we will refund 100% of your money..